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Fun art that you found


1:Please introduce familiar art that made you think that people who think like this will be rich at heart and happy person! It is an art that put a cut picture on the core of toilet paper.

Recommend tourist spots in Japan


1:My hobby is traveling and I like to go traveling to various places both in Japan and abroad. However, I am feeling somewhat tired of going abroad for the past few years, so I am traveling exclusively domestically. This year I am into Kagoshima and I am enjoying visiting Kagoshima mainland and remote islands and visiting several times. In Kagoshima, the food is delicious, the islands have interesting natural environment. Japan is really profound! So I would like to know the domestic places that you like to go! Thank you (^ _ ^)

Attractions of the amusement park that you were really scared of


1:Yesterday, I went to an amusement park “Hakkeijima Sea Paradise” with my friend. The “Surf Coaster Leviathan” I got there was so scary that I cried for a while (lol) It was as if it would fall on the sea, and it was freaking scary!! Let’s share the ‘really scary attractions’ you have experienced!

Let’s talk about delicious “Don-mono”


1:“Don-mono” is a dish in which cooked rice is placed in a bowl with other ingredients on top. If you put something on rice in a bowl, you can call it “Don-mono”. I want to full my mouth with hot Katsu-don (cutlet on rice) when I’m hungry!!

Hello Kitty! One of our best character became “FU” this time!


1:“Fu” is Japanese dry baked wheat gluten Kitty is now collaborating with “Fu (麩)” which is a traditional Japanese ingredient. This time Kitty collaborated with a long-established store in Kaga, “Fumuroya(不室屋)” that continues from the first year of Keio (1865) in Ishikawa prefecture Kanazawa city. 1,998 yen for 5 Fu(including tax):about $20

$10000 gorgeous baby carriers are coming!


1: Decorate with about 7500 Swarovski on the car body spokesman said, “We have a vision of” a society where everyone thinks that raising a baby is fun and happy” Based on that idea, this contains our wish that every day with the baby will shine”

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