1:I went to visit my friend’s house.
Object scattering, lumps of dust, black molds throughout the wall, smelly room.
Even though there are young children.Why does not such a person clean it?


2:I think she has darkness in her heart..


3:She can not afford it with a handsome kid,get the message.


4:There seems to be mental things.


5:That person’s parents home is also dirty. I think that is normal.


6:I have Asperger’s Syndrom. I can not clean up.


7:Actually she might be insecure.
If she was not, she would refuse you to come to her house.


8:Is not clean standards or cleaning standards different?
I guess she is used to that situation.Mold on the wall may have building problems.


9:I also thought like ))1 when i was a single.
But impossible.Even if you tidy up, it gets soiled.Baby start cracking up when you start cleaning. Make baby food, help baby eat, clean, give them a bath, play together, baby food again, and then make adult meal……
Never die from dust.


Since my parent’s home is dirty, it becomes a good example of who not to be. I became like a clean freak..


11:My college student’s daughter also hates cleaning, so I am afraid that in the future it is likely to happen.


12:You can see the house by looking at the car.
The room is also dirty if the inside of the car is dirty


13:My room is usually a dirty room, but I will clean up if I invite people


14:I think, it’s commonplace for her.My mother is like that and I grew up like that too, but recently I am cleaning it consciously.In fact it is okay even if there is dust and mold.


15:I guess they do not care.
When I went to my child ‘s classmate’ s house, first thing I thought was “did you get in trouble? ! ”
Clothes were overflowed on the floor, cooked dishes in the frying pan, leftover rice without wrapping on the table, the futon was still there. Cockroach Hoi Hoi (Roach Motel
) was placed every meter … It was scary


16:I can not clean up with stress.
When I was living alone I always cleaned up with chitin and I could clean up for 10 years, but after getting married somehow it became impossible to clean up. I thought that when the heart is sick, the room is also ruined.


17:When I gave birth and it was about 3 months, my friends asked me to have some tea time together. I thought we were going to eat outdoors, but she was coming to my house so I tried to clean up in a hurry but I could not get my hands off with my kids and my physical strength was not returning so I was not able to make it in time. I apologised to her and invited.
Then, at a later date, I knew she was telling everyone about my house.I was so shocked.