1:I entered this February, but I already want to break up.
It is boring even if I am with him. .Surely my husband feels the same.
Is anyone here who did Speed Divorced?


2:I really got divorced in 2 days


3:Divorced in half a day


4:Why did you get married?


5:You should endure it where you can endure it


6:There were many things I thought ”Failing to choose partner!!” immediately after marriage


7:Was it fun when you were going out?


You say “Surely my husband feels the same”
But talking is important without deciding on your own.


9:You had better break up now.Divorcee is nothing today.


10:I know people who did “Narita divorce”
They got divorced as soon as they returned from their honeymoon.


11:I know two people who have just divorced after married.
Now they are married a different person and have child as if they had not had a previous marriage.


12:I’ve cleared my engagement and I feel good now!
I’m glad that I didn’t get married.
Was it a marriage with hesitation?


13:It’s not alcohol problem or domestic violence, right? Would you break up because of just boring? It is different from boyfriend and girlfriend time. Marriage is life.


14:Something I regretted about marriage happened on that day when I got married.
But I was told from his mother “Do not return it” …I should have divorced.


15:I thought “I will divorce!!” on the night before marriage.
Was it marriage blue? I was living in my parents house and I missed them so much and lonely when I was alone.
It has been 25 years since I thought so.


16:I think that it is better to divorce.
My friend managed to endure it for 5 years but their relationship just got worse.
She regretted and said she should have divorced as soon as possible.


17:Two years of marriage. I got used to staying together and being boring.


18:If you divorce, the earlier is better.
Time will not wait for you.


19:I do not think it ‘s fun because marriage is just a life. Why don’t you go out to eat delicious things together or cook pizza or dumplings together on holidays?
I am tired of grabbing each other’s pace at the time of my newlyweds and getting irritated, but gradually get used to it so try hard if you can make efforts!


20:As time passed, I thought that I would accept each other’s dissatisfaction and get familiar with it for 15 years.
Far away from being familiar, various parts that do not fit are piled up and want to divorce truly.I am starting with what I can do without being impatient, because I have two children and I can’t be monetary independent now.


21:I do not think there is as much as 1 percent of people who are happy ever since they got married.
I’m surely getting dissatisfied even if you marry next time.
But, if you can not bear it anyhow, you should divorce.