1:“Fu” is Japanese dry baked wheat gluten

>Kitty is now collaborating with “Fu (麩)” which is a traditional Japanese ingredient.
This time Kitty collaborated with a long-established store in Kaga, “Fumuroya(不室屋)” that continues from the first year of Keio (1865) in Ishikawa prefecture Kanazawa city.

1,998 yen for 5 Fu(including tax):about $20


2:So cute!!


3:It is big for Fu


4:When thinking about usual guts of Kitty, I thought Fu(麸) was pretty one. lol


5:Kitty seemed like a Japanese sweet


6:Kitty will collaborate with anything and will transform into anything. I feel like there is nothing Kitty can not be.


7:I think this is cute!
I was surprised that Kitty became you tuber though.


8:By the way it is already a few years, since I ate Fu last.
I liked having Fu in miso soup at elementary school age.


9:This is a goof present for friends with kids.
But 1,998 yen (including tax) is slightly expensive …


10:The “Fu” is cute!
There is something like this too.


11:This shop ‘s soup is delicious.
Make a little hole and pour hot water, and the ingredients come out. It’s fun!
It is useful for souvenirs and a small gift.


12:The soak part is delicious, it’s soft and sticky and pulp!


13:I’m happy because I am local!
I sometimes go to this shop.
Customers of sightseeing in Kanazawa increased so it is exactly good also for souvenirs.


14:It is good for souvenirs because it has a long life and very light.


15:At the Sanrio shareholders’ meeting, the president says, “If you have something you love but they aren’t selling at all now,tell us. If you collaborate with a character you can sell it. I made this company for all over the world to become friendly. “


16:The king of my “Why did you take this job, Kitty” is this.
Hakata Yamakasa’s Fundoshi Kitty.