1:Yesterday, I went to an amusement park “Hakkeijima Sea Paradise” with my friend.
The “Surf Coaster Leviathan” I got there was so scary that I cried for a while (lol)
It was as if it would fall on the sea, and it was freaking scary!!
Let’s share the ‘really scary attractions’ you have experienced!


2:Arashi in Nagashima Sparland was so scary! !
I did not know what was going on while riding.


3:Nagashima’s Steel Dragon! Head over heels from extremely high!


4:There are many in Fujikyu


5:When I was a high school student, I worked part time at Fujikyu.
A man was leaking in “Eejanaika”.


It was such a terror that I do not know how my body is going.
It was a new sensation for me.


7:USJ’s Haridori. I don’t think I can handle Flying Dinosaur.


8:”Eejanaika” is really scary!
When it climb backwards, I felt like I was dying.
Even after it’s over, I was stunned with my friends.


9:Roller coaster in Spain village in Mie.
Since I got on that, I can not get on the roller coaster


10:I am not good at screaming, so I died on Disney’s Space Mountain.


11:Even though I like thrill ride, my face got strained from fear when I got on Fujikyu’s eejanaika.


12:Washuyama Highland in Okayama is full of freak rides!


13:Sky cycling at Washuyama Highland in Okayama was conservative but scary.
You go on a high place towards the sea with an unstable bicycle.


14:DisneySea’s Tower of Terror


15:Everyone is amazing.
Are not you afraid of those who like thrill ride? Or do you like to be scared?


16:Nagashima Spurland’s Acrobatics.I thought that I should have stopped while riding


17:The three men who were lined up in front of me were talking loud and acting rude a little before they got on “Eejanaika”. But they were swayed by Eejanaika and they came down from it with half crying. It was funny.


18:Jupiter of Jojima Kogen
Because it’s made of wood, the vibration was terrible, then I went off the roller coaster.


19:Washuyama Sky Cycling
I tried to google it Since I became interested in it…
This is crazy!!.


20:Tokyo Dome City’s LaQua roller coaster.
Although it is an ordinary roller coaster, but the safety bar is not stiff from the shoulder but only part of the stomach. And the first fall is almost vertical.
I love the thrill ride but I was really scared.
But I do not want to ride this again.


21:Sky cycling,
There was a person who was afraid and could not move forward.
Staff came and pushed that bicycle.