1:My hobby is traveling and I like to go traveling to various places both in Japan and abroad.
However, I am feeling somewhat tired of going abroad for the past few years, so I am traveling exclusively domestically.
This year I am into Kagoshima and I am enjoying visiting Kagoshima mainland and remote islands and visiting several times. In Kagoshima, the food is delicious, the islands have interesting natural environment.

Japan is really profound!
So I would like to know the domestic places that you like to go! Thank you (^ _ ^)


2:Shiretoko peninsula
It was really good.


3:I guess it’s Kamikochi.
I could feel the air was so fresh and clear.


4:Now I feel like going to Nagasaki for some reason


Food is delicious, nature is beautiful, rafting, cycling and horseback riding, many places to play.
There is a hot spring also and it is the best! ! !


6:Kamakura Enoshima
The scenery is beautiful. There are lots of delicious things, too!


7:Jyoudogahama in Miyako of Iwate prefecture
Although it was fun to give food to gulls from the pleasure boat,I would like to try “Ao no Doukutsu (blue cave)” going with a tour group.


8:Remote island in Kagoshima, “Yoron island” is recommended!
I went for the first time last month.
There are only wide blue sky & sea and sugarcane field, but it is not boring.
People who are tired should try to relax here ^ _ ^


Nagoya castle was amazing and miso cutlet was delicious!


10:Shikoku and Chugoku are a hole-in-the-wall place that’s really good.
The ocean is beautiful and the remote island tour is interesting because there are many remote islands in the Seto Inland Sea.


11:The world heritage “Ogasawara Islands”
The sea is really beautiful. It is worth going.


12:I live in Kagoshima.
I am glad that some people like it.
I have traveled alone in “Amami Oshima”. The ocean is incredibly beautiful.
I could not believe that it was the same Kagoshima.
Someday I would like to go to “Yakushima”


13:When I was a child I was impressed by the color of the water
“Goshikinuma” in Fukushima Prefecture.