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Have you ever encountered a suspicious person?


1:A man came close to me and he said “Excuse me, could I take a picture of your leg?”, when I was 20 years old. I threatened the man by saying “Haaaaaaaaaa!!!” to drive him away Please tell me the information on suspicious individuals you have encountered.

A funny news in Japan)Arrested a 73-year-old man suspected of stealing one grape of a bunch of grapes

News in Japan

1:A 73 – year – old man was arrested on suspicion of shoplifting. According to the police, the man (73) in the eastern district of Fukuoka city is suspected of stealing one grape of a bunch of grapes(799yen:about $8) at a store before 10 AM. Since half a year ago, a man resembling this old man stealing and eating a grape was being witnessed in a store nearby. The manager of the shop was hiding and watching him and the manager witnessed him eating a grape of a bunch of grapes, and caught him on the spot.

Parenting) It is a laughing story now but it was hard at that time


1:Currently I have a son of elementary school first grader. I was warned about my son by a teacher of after school activities and I scalded him for what he did there at home, but he he didn’t listen so I made him quite the after school activities today. I feel sorry that the teacher was struggling, and I’m pretty depressed for myself not being able to raise him a well-mannered child. I heard that it will be a little better when they are in the 3~4th grade, but I am really worried that such a day will come for my son. Do you think this will be a laughing […]

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