1:Currently I have a son of elementary school first grader.
I was warned about my son by a teacher of after school activities and I scalded him for what he did there at home, but he he didn’t listen so I made him quite the after school activities today. I feel sorry that the teacher was struggling, and I’m pretty depressed for myself not being able to raise him a well-mannered child.
I heard that it will be a little better when they are in the 3~4th grade, but I am really worried that such a day will come for my son.
Do you think this will be a laughing story in the future when my son grow up?


2:Don’t worry! It will be a funny story.
That’s how it is.


3:My son was very selfish so I was worried whether he could make friends at school, but he made friends and he looked happy going to school.
You will say to your son in the future, “You were terrible in those days ~ haha.” like me.


4:My kid was taking Japanese calligraphy lessons when he was in elementary school first grade, but he always handled materials roughly and he didn’t stop.
I let him learn again since he became a fourth grader in elementary school.
Now he can concentrate quietly.


5:Three year old twin.Only trouble.
They will not listen. They talk back.Act up everyday.
I hope this will be a funny story someday.


6:My child went to swimming school from the time of her kindergarten, but she could not swim at all. So I did not expect her to be able to swim.
But when she became a fifth grader, she began to swim all of the sudden, and
i try to teach my daughter something but she is not interested in what i am teaching her, and it doesn’t goes well.
So, I think that I should keep my pace with her in teaching.