1:A 73 – year – old man was arrested on suspicion of shoplifting.
According to the police, the man (73) in the eastern district of Fukuoka city is suspected of stealing one grape of a bunch of grapes(799yen:about $8) at a store before 10 AM.
Since half a year ago, a man resembling this old man stealing and eating a grape was being witnessed in a store nearby.

The manager of the shop was hiding and watching him and the manager witnessed him eating a grape of a bunch of grapes, and caught him on the spot.


2:One grape…One…




4:It is not a sample food!


5:It’s embarrassing


6:Only one grape, but it is a crime


7:I wonder if this shop was getting a lot of damage from this man stealing many times


8:Police arrest people for even one grape but they don’t accept personal damage receipt for fraud, even if I got stolen one million yen.
What’s going on?


9:I guess he ate some bunch of grapes since he had been steeling a grape for half a year.


10:If he had been steeling a grape everyday, he ate 180 grapes for free.


11:Some people say it’s only one grape, but even if it’s only one the store can’t sale the grapes anymore.
Loss is not one grape but a bunch.


12:We have such a customer too!
Someone ate cherries and the seeds fell in places inside the shop.
Tangerines sold in boxes are eaten each year.
It is not a sample!!!