1:A man came close to me and he said “Excuse me, could I take a picture of your leg?”, when I was 20 years old. I threatened the man by saying “Haaaaaaaaaa!!!” to drive him away

Please tell me the information on suspicious individuals you have encountered.


2:”Would you hit me?
Please hit me.”
A man who told me this in the middle of the night. Too scary!!!


3:He was not a suspicious person but,I went to a convenience store at midnight.
He was listening to music with earphones while walking.
Suddenly he was shouting “Ultra soul!!!!”
I think he thought that no one was there but I was behind. lol


4:The man who was walking ahead of me suddenly stopped, and he put down his pant and underwear. I made a U – turn and ran away in a panic.
There are many. Especially the summer.


5:When I was sitting on the train I saw the man’s thing was out from his pant.
But his behavior was so natural so I thought he forgot to put it back and thought about telling him about that a lot.
But he ran away as soon as he got to the station, so he was not a careless person but a pervert.


6:A man was taking pictures of swimsuits for girls at the department.
So creepy.


7:On the way to school, I heard the sound of striking the skin.
When I turned around, there was an naked old man who was beating stomach.
It seems he is a famous pervert man coming out in the spring.


8:When I was going up the stairs, an aunt who was not wearing panty was in front of me · ·
She was wearing long boots and very short skirt, and she bent forward sometimes.
I was so surprised I did a double, no triple take.


9:I have encountered an old man on a motorcycle that was wearing helmet Butt-naked.