1:I am thinking about buying a new car.
How much does everyone pay car loans every month?
I have paid 30,000 yen (about $300) for my current car every months.


2:0 Yen.
I do not like loans so I always make a one-time payment when I buy a car.


3:I want to buy a car with 2 million yen(about $20000), I am thinking if I should pay 1 million yen with cash and make a 1 million yen loan.
I want to refer your opinions!
How much do I pay each month, and how many years …


4:I buy a car in cash.
Because it is troublesome to make a loan


5:Many people make a one-time payment.
The interest rate of the loan is wasteful.


6:I was surprised to hear that many people make a one-time payment!


7:How much did people who made a one-time payment, pay for a car?
I can’t do it.


8:Interest is completely different in car maker’s loan, banking or credit company’s my car loan, worker’s loan, etc.


9:I worked at a car shop, I often asked customers to take out a loan, Instead, I gave them discount.
Many people seems like making a one-time payment, but you refused discount and bought?


10:To take out a loan make automobile dealer happy. Because the interest becomes their profit.
So they will be more nice to you.
Just between us…♡


11:When I bought a light new car at the age of 22, I wanted to save some money in my bank, so I made a little down payment and the rest to a loan! Payment was 30,000yen (about $300) a month.


12:When I asked if I could get discount because I would make one-time payment, the salesman said
“The loan is more appreciated!”
It is because I pay interest rates.