1:Let’s paste various images of Japan (from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south)
I will post the image of ”Shikii-no-oka” in Biei Hokkaido!(о´∀`о)
It’s so beautiful!


2:I went last year!
The most spectacular scenery in Japan,
it is “Kamikochi” of Nagano prefecture!
They have a hiking course too.


3:This is picture of Aidu Tsurugajyo Castle in Hukushima!


4: I also like Aidu in Fukushima!


5:There are many places I’d like to visit!!


6:I am always busy, so I want to go to a place where nature is beautiful and quiet.


7:”Miharashi-no-oka(Hill)” of Hitachi Beach Park in Ibaraki!
I would like to go there again!!
I heard this “Miharashi-no-oka” has become popular around the world!
In May, it will be filled with flowers called Nemophila, and the scenery is like heaven!!


8:Shirakami sanchi in Aomori!
It is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site (Natural Heritage).


9:Yakushima was also registered as a World Heritage Site in 1993!


10:Iwate prefecture!
This is “Moutsuuji temple” of autumn!


11:”Kouri island” in Okinawa!It takes an hour and a half from Naha by car.
It’s a small island. The sea-water is so clean.
A beautiful blue sea and white sand beach are waiting for you!!
They have clear kayak!


12:Arashiyama Bamboo Grove (chikurin-no-michi) in kyoto!
There are Arashiyama(Popular tourist spot) and Tenryuji temple registered as a World Heritage Site around!


13:Irohazaka in Tochigi.
In autumn, it is known as the most beautiful spot of autumn leaves!
You can see a superb view from car!!


14:”Unagi pie” factory Tour!
Unagi pie is famous confection of Hamamatu.
I like this!


15:In Kanagawa / Kawasaki factory night view!
Kawasaki coastal area is known as the birthplace of factory night view boom!
It’s more beautiful than I thought!


16:Kinugawa Onsen Ryokan, Asaya Hotel!!