1:A mother was charged with murder because she made her 2 months old baby drink medicated milk
and killed the baby.
She insisted on her innocent but she was sentenced to eight years in prison (10 years imprisonment with labor sentence).
She said she couldn’t hang out with people because of baby.


2:Real bastard! DO NOT MAKE BABY THEN!!!


3:Only 8 years?! Too short!
The punishment is really light in Japan!
That’s why crime does not decrease!


4:Terrible … I am very sad to hear this news because I have a small child.
And I also think the punishment is too light!!!


5:Such a heartless woman can make a baby
Why baby don’t come to me?(´;ω;`)


6:Why did she make baby?
It breaks my heart just thinking about it.
I’m really crushed by this news.
To be killed by your mother,,, there is not such a terrible sad thing for children.


7:This news is an embarrassing thing as a Japanese.
,,,Poor baby.
The baby was just born 2 months ago, TO LIVE!!


10:Is this joke?!! 8 years is too short!!
This woman will be only 32 years old when she released from prison.
She might do the same things again..


11:The baby didn’t know that the milk she was drinking had drug in it..
Imagine that she was drinking hard such milk..It’s too sad.