On a train crowded with holiday, one of three men about 70 years old who stood near by was saying “My grandchild is a sixth grader in elementary school, and menstruation came already.
Recent child has growth quickly.”
Because it was quite a volume, I think that people around me also heard it.
He was a nice small clean guy normally, but too insane.
It was surprisingly various, such as knowing such information of grandchildren and talking to his men in the train


There is no delicacy!
That’s not a story to say to others!


An acquaintance man said to the person who passed by on the way
“Ugly … do not see me”
in a low voice..
So mean!!
I was thinking he had good common sense for a long time so it was an extra shock.


The mother who left children crying in the train.
She didn’t mind even if people were looking at them.
She may be tired from child rearing but I was surprised.


School mom who always says
“Can I have it?”
When she sees my stuff.


This month, seeing someone who is shouting at a clerk twice …
It feel really bad. .


A woman started to shave her arm in a place where there are plenty of people.


A mean colleague who loves trash talk and does not apologize even if she makes a mistake at work, saying
“It’s what’s on the inside that counts.”
with serious look.


A friend who has childcare and kindergarten license said to my child “Get hurt! I wish you fall off the chair”
I was like this … (゜ o °) when I heard that.
I broke off a relationship with her.
Never say you love children again!!


A friend brought honey to my baby for birth celebration..
I know she did that on purpose because she has three kids.