Do you know that stimulation around the shoulder blade makes it easier to lose weight?
Using a stretch pole to stimulate around the shoulder blades, lose weight easily while lying down!


This diet was on TV show!
I bought stretch pole and I’m trying this!
It’s really easy and feels good!
Just lay down on stretch pole and move body right to left slowly.
If you want to know more you can watch this video!


I heard that activating the cells around the shoulder blade will convert the extra nutrition to heat, so you can diet more efficiently than train your muscles!


In addition, the circulation of blood and lymph is also improved and metabolism improves.
As a result, it also leads to swelling improvement


I bought a stretch pole!
It was about $20.
I use this while I watch TV.


A lady who was on the TV show, lost 30kg (66 pond) with this diet!(゜ロ゜)