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Let’s talk about delicious “Don-mono”


1:“Don-mono” is a dish in which cooked rice is placed in a bowl with other ingredients on top. If you put something on rice in a bowl, you can call it “Don-mono”. I want to full my mouth with hot Katsu-don (cutlet on rice) when I’m hungry!!

Hello Kitty! One of our best character became “FU” this time!


1:“Fu” is Japanese dry baked wheat gluten Kitty is now collaborating with “Fu (麩)” which is a traditional Japanese ingredient. This time Kitty collaborated with a long-established store in Kaga, “Fumuroya(不室屋)” that continues from the first year of Keio (1865) in Ishikawa prefecture Kanazawa city. 1,998 yen for 5 Fu(including tax):about $20

What is your favourite Cup Ramen?


1:I know that it is not very good for my health, but I like cup ramens and I eat it quite frequently. I am addicted to this cup noodle’s red seafood! ! Please tell me your favorite cup noodles!

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