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Surprised behaviour of others!


On a train crowded with holiday, one of three men about 70 years old who stood near by was saying “My grandchild is a sixth grader in elementary school, and menstruation came already. Recent child has growth quickly.” Because it was quite a volume, I think that people around me also heard it. He was a nice small clean guy normally, but too insane. It was surprisingly various, such as knowing such information of grandchildren and talking to his men in the train.

Have you ever encountered a suspicious person?


1:A man came close to me and he said “Excuse me, could I take a picture of your leg?”, when I was 20 years old. I threatened the man by saying “Haaaaaaaaaa!!!” to drive him away Please tell me the information on suspicious individuals you have encountered.

$10000 gorgeous baby carriers are coming!


1: Decorate with about 7500 Swarovski on the car body spokesman said, “We have a vision of” a society where everyone thinks that raising a baby is fun and happy” Based on that idea, this contains our wish that every day with the baby will shine”

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